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2 Post Lifts

With 'Extended Life' Features

9000 - 10000 - 12000 - 15000
Automatic Arm Restraints lock
as soon as the lift begins upward to help prevent load shifting while the vehicle travels up and down. Once vehicle is completely lowered arms release automatically.

Dual Chain-Over Hydraulic cylinders provide superior lifting power and lastability. On average they last twice as long as direct pull or push type cylinders, since the seals only have to travel half as far each time the lift is used.
Truck Adapters available in slide-over and 8” screw type. These adapters are usually required when servicing light trucks, vans, and sport-utility vehicles.


( 1 ) Structural Tube Overhead - All Worth Clear Floor models feature 4
sided structural tube overhead bars, not 3 sided sheet metal or channel.
( 2 ) Center Bands - All Worth 2 Post lifts feature center bands
(reinforcement flanges) to eliminate premature wear and opening of columns.


( 3 ) Oversized Base Plates And Gussets - All Worth lifts feature over-
sized base plates with oversized gussets . Base plates through the model 12000CF are based on a 24”x24”x5/8” minimum size to prevent concrete breakout and offer increased stability.
The 15000CF features an even larger base plate, which is based on a
32”x24”x1” size.

Dual Back-Up Safety Locks
located in each post, and lock every 2 inches.
3 HP Power Unit comes standard
on all two post lifts. This unit is as
much as 50% stronger than our
Solid Steel Equalizer Pulleys
with pressed-in bronze bushings are
built to last. Our competitors use
plastic pulleys.
Lift Specifications

Additional 2-Post Options:

* Custom Heights
* Custom Widths
* 3-Phase Motor
* 50HZ Motor

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